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Madurai Kitchen

When it comes to lip-smacking delicious food nothing can please the palates like Indian food. Especially the South Indian delicacies filled with spices and flavours that will make you crave more. Just like the country, the food is also diverse. One of the most authentic and traditional cuisines of South India hails from Madurai.

Madurai, being the soul of Tamil Nadu (a South Indian state), has been the home to many preeminent and most famous dishes like Jigarthanda, Bun Parotta, Kola Urrundai (Mutton balls), Kari Dosai and many more. The uniqueness of the Madurai dishes lies in their traditional way of cooking and the numerous spices used in them. The burst of flavours will enable you to experience the food ecstasy to its fullest.

Our Chefs

Madurai Kitchen has hand-picked its chefs’ to serve its original traditional recipes without missing its cultural marks to the customers. The field experts who wand their magic in the Madurai Kitchen are Chef Castro and Chef Maharaja.

Chef Castro

A native Indian, Chef Castro, grew up surrounded by the culture and cuisine of Pattukkottai (South India). As a young kid, he used to play Kootanchoru (one-pot meal with lentils and vegetables) with his friends. The kids from the community will come together and each will bring an item to cook this meal together. Without any kitchen experience, the kids would still be able to create a delicious meal which is not only rich in nutrition but also contains the innocence and joy of constructing their own meal. Inspired by his childhood experiences, Castro turned his childhood entertainment into his passion and then his career. He has a culinary degree and over 15 years of experience in cooking. He has a thorough knowledge of all the aspects of the operation of a kitchen. His expertise in handling the food and kitchen is unmatchable. Apart from cooking, he is also interested in following Tamil Nadu politics, his favourite politician is Seeman. Castro’s little admirer, his daughter looks up to him and cherishes his cooking. Castro tries to give his daughter the experience of his native place and his culture through the traditional South Indian food that he cooks.

Chef Maharaja

Maharaja could be translated as the great king in English, being true to his name he is really a great king of the kitchens. With more than 15 years of empiricism, Chef Maharaja is truly ruling the kitchen at Madurai Kitchen.

He was born in Namakkal district, India. He inherited his culinary interest from his family. The traditional everyday cooking of the family and the delicious menu during celebrations always triggered the young Maharaja’s interest. To sharpen his natural gift of cooking, he completed his diploma in Hotel Management and Catering from a reputed culinary school.

Maharaj is truly artistic in his creativity and presentation of the dishes, it complements the authentic taste of the Madurai Cuisine that he is an expert at. He has accurate plans and clean preparation techniques. He creates masterful dishes using his skills.

He also enjoys Tamil literature, especially Vairamuthu’s books during his leisure time. Spending time with his family is one thing that he can never compromise on, he always enjoys cooking his native dishes for his family in Canada.